The flight platforms of the AirRobot company are suitable for documentation in the most diverse sectors, This is due to a modular payload concept and their unique properties. The scenarios include the observation of fire service or disaster prevention interventions and also for police use in the documentation of accidents or crimes.

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Various international universities and academic institutions use the capabilities and properties of the AirRobot flight platforms within research projects in the fields of control engineering, swarm behaviour and artificial intelligence.


The AirRobot flight platform AR100-B makes it possible to perform technical inspections on industrial facilities and buildings with a relatively small amount of work. The use of the AR100-B can be achieved very quickly and economically compared to standard alternative applications.

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AirRobot systems are used by various international armed forces for reconnaissance purposes in the surroundings and local area. The Bundeswehr uses the AR100-B system named MIKADO (Micro local area reconnaissance drone) for various reconnaissance tasks. The compact construction and the GPS-independend position hold system enables the system to be used for Indoor flights. All devices are approved by NATO - Allied Quality Assurance Publications (AQAP 2131)