AirRobot The specialists for mini and micro UAV systems


AirRobot UK Ltd Is the only registered UK supplier of AirRobot GmbH & Co. KG which is a globally active manufacturer of mini and micro UAV systems.

AirRobot is one of the leading UAS manufactures within the industry and provides a multitude of flight platforms that range from military to civilian application. AirRobot achieves maximum results with adapting applications into everyday working life and enabling companies to expand into aspects of the market that have not been accessible before. We acknowledged the demand for aerial Survey, Inspection and Documentation is growing and with constant research and development we aim to fully integrate UAS into the civilian market creating diverse fields of application. Our flight platforms are cost effective and can be deployed within minutes, making our UAS suitable for any environment.


The AirRobot systems are

  • User-friendly
  • Reliable and robust
  • Autonomous
  • Can be deployed rapidly
  • Stabilized using GPS
  • Mobile
  • Accurate using our optional pre-programmed way point navigation software
  • Comply with all safety standards set by the CAA



in use image

AirRobot UK Ltd and AirRobot GmbH are currently in partnership with AirRotorMedia GmbH, we work very closely and coordinate all our efforts together as one to create a picture perfect result, AirRotorMedia Specializes in gimble stabilization virtually cancelling out any vibration resulting in a fully stabilized 2 axis payload. AirRotorMedia has 15 dedicated years of experience working in the field of engineering and advancing UAV payload technology. They are nationally recognized within the UAV industry tackling a vast aray of complex problems that broaden the spectrum for all sectors.

If you require a demonstration of a particular flight platform please Contact Us for more details.